To Make Crowdfunding Work You Need a Prototype!

By: Daniel Imbellino
July 10, 2013

While crowd funding can help a good idea to develop into a working product, what most don’t realize is that you honestly need at the very least, a semi-working prototype to begin with before ever launching your campaign. Today startups around the world are storming the internet crowd funding scene with platforms like Kickstarter, Indigogo, Razoo, etc, all in hopes of raising the capital they need to accomplish their product development and overall business goals. Unfortunately, what many don’t realize is that, the less you have to offer up front, the less people will find trust in you, and the less likely they will be to invest in your ideas.

We see it all the time, another game development project on Kickstarter that claims to be the next best thing on Android or PC, yet those who created the project more often than not have no real prototype in place, so instead of showing examples they tell a BS story to try and gain attention. It doesn’t work. Just because someone assumes they have an awesome idea to develop something into a working product doesn’t mean that idea is any good. If no one likes your idea but you, then it’s obvious you have quite a problem on your hands, and it’s likely you didn’t consult with others or make much use of testing those ideas on social networks before wasting your time trying to convince college students who are poorer than you are to invest your ideas.

Rather than making decisions too fast and developing a product that no one wants, why not test the idea out on a smaller scale, and why not get feedback from users on social networks. How much do you know about the product you are trying to develop, and do others like your ideas, or do they hate them? Ask yourself this question, how much of the product development process can you handle on your own, with no assistance from anyone else? This is a critical area! The more you understand yourself about the product you are developing then the more likely that your efforts will result in a working end product, and the more likely you are to gain the results you were looking for in terms of your crowd funding efforts. Products these days really need to be made with the end user in mind.

Generally speaking, people are more likely to invest in a startup project that has a real world prototype already in place. Seeing is believing, it helps to add a measure of trust since you’re proving your idea works, even if it’s on a small scale. Just showcasing a story line doesn’t show examples of what you are trying to accomplish, and it offers few guarantees that your project will actually be completed at all. If you can’t develop a product on your own then why are trying to develop it? Sure, in many cases it can take a team of developers in order to develop the next best iphone App or Android game, but it certainly helps if you understand at least some of the development process yourself. Crowd funding isn’t magic, when you launch your project you need to have something to show potential backers, otherwise its more than likely you will never reach your goals.

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