What Professional Marketers Can’t Do For Your Product, Service, or Content!

By: Daniel Imbellino
May 24, 2013

Sure Marketing guru’s, social media experts, and SEO specialists may know a thing or two image of globe with multiple connections about promoting your product, service, or content through social media, paid marketing efforts, and on page optimization; but they all fall short when it comes to understanding how your product, service, or content actually works, and whether or not your product would even be wanted or needed by anyone for any reason! You can market anything on the web, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about the product you are marketing either. To put it simply, marketing on all levels, including through social media, and any SEO efforts whatsoever, are entirely worthless if your product, service, or content sucks!

Expert Marketers are Not Experts in Everything They Promote!

Yes, marketing is the key to the success of any product out there today, but marketers aren’t the one’s responsible for the overall success of your product, you are! Why? Because you are the one who developed the product, so if no one likes it, and no one wants it, who’s fault is that? Sure there’s plenty of social media experts and marketers who will tell you they can excel your product online, but what they don’t tell you is that they can’t force people to like something they don’t care for! Marketing and social media can help, but you have to be the one to initialize those marketing and social networking efforts, not relying on marketers and social media professionals to do it all for you. No one knows your product better than you, so why not be the voice of reasoning behind it?

You really think that marketers and social media specialists know your products? Don’t count on it! All they know is what you tell them. I’m a web designer, SEO specialist, and know plenty about social media, and while I could develop a custom website for an auto parts retailer online, that doesn’t mean I know anything about auto parts or repairs at all, so how can I possibly help to excel their online marketing efforts? The point is, every product out there needs a spokesman. If you are the voice of reason behind your product, then you should be on the front lines promoting your product, not somebody else! Marketers and social media specialists should be an integral part of your business efforts, but no one understands or can explain your product better than you.

Social Media Specialists Tout All Kinds of Tricks, Too Bad They Won’t Work For You!

I swear, if I read one more article about marketing with Pinterest I’m gonna choke on my cigarette! Social media specialists would like to have you believe that marketing to as many social networks as possible, and doing so aggressively is the answer to all your problems. Here’s what they aren’t telling you, if people like your product or content they are going to share it with others anyways, as long as you give them the tools to do so. I recently found back links to this site coming from Pinterest and “Scoop.it”, yet I’ve never posted a thing to Pinterest ever, and in fact just recently created an account there, yet I have plenty of backlinks from there. I found out that people were posting my content to “Scoop.it” months before I ever even knew about the platform at all, which I now use often today. Another thing people need to understand is that Pinterest is not a marketing platform, it’s a place to share content, mainly pictures, not a marketers mall! Don’t waste all your time plastering your stuff all over social media, instead why not focus on the product or content itself as much as possible, then get others to do the marketing efforts for you?

Sure it would be nice to have your content displayed across social networks, and places such as Pinterest, but if you are the only one sharing your content, then obviously no one wants it and you have a very big problem on your hands. Again, if you are the one manning the front lines of your online publishing and social media efforts, then you can proficiently gage what people do or don’t like about what you have to offer.

Advertising isn’t making a sale, its Public Relations!

Another thing that marketers and social media experts aren’t telling you is that advertising is mainly used by large companies as a public relations tactic, not as the means for making a sale, although it does this at times. Today, many small companies, startups, and those just starting out online are using paid advertising and social media marketing efforts in hopes of securing business, dumbest thing I ever heard of to be honest, that’s just not how advertising works. If you are marketing a product you intend to sell, then you need information and expertise to back up that product, not an advertisement with a sales slogan! Why should anybody want to purchase your product or service? Answer that question! You think they should be convinced to buy it because you say it’s great? Sorry, never worked before and it won’t work tomorrow.

If it’s a product or service you are selling then write detailed articles explaining your product, its uses, and real life scenarios you’ve experienced yourself that can help others to understand more about your product or service, and how they work. Having an expert who knows your product or service on hand with social networking efforts affords you the respect of those who come across and are interested in your products or services, since they can provide real answers to real problems and questions as they arise. Even if you are just promoting content online that is free, such as a website that encompasses a given subject, you still need to be knowledgeable about your content, and personally active within social media.

Either way it goes, the point is, marketers and social media experts can’t do everything for you. They can’t develop your product, they can’t convince people to like it, and they can never have the level of knowledge about your product that you do! My content soars on the internet today, because I am not only actively involved with the promotion of my content, I man the front lines of my business, so I understand every aspect about it, including what people think of it, and what they like or dislike about it, which affords me the ability to excel my business efforts, and you should do the same too! Don’t rely on the business world to hold your hand, regardless of whether or not you have the money to leave all your marketing efforts up to someone else. Again, marketing on sites like Pinterest and “Scoop.it” are great, but people will do this marketing for you if your content is really good and they like it!

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