The Best Flash Games of all Time!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Updated: Feb 13, 2014

Undoubtedly, flash games have made their mark in terms of internet gaming over the years, with only a small percentage of them setting themselves apart from the competition. Despite the days of flash dominance now being numbered (thanks to HTML5), there are still many amazing titles currently being produced, including many 3D based games from platforms such as Shockwave 3D and Unity, to remakes of the retro arcade classics from long ago. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the best flash games to ever hit the web!

1: Bow Master Japan!

You’ve got to see this one to believe it! It’s no wonder this game won an award from Miniclip. bowmaster game snapshot Bow Master Japan is just one of several great archery games in this series. Amazing sound and stunningly realistic graphics surround you from every angle. Test your aim upon moving objects including dragons, set right in the heart of Japan! This game brings archery to a whole new level in flash gaming, and it definitely deserves to be at the top of this list. You can play it here: Bow Master Japan.

2: Pacman!

A true arcade classic and still one of the most popular games online, Pacman graphic it’s no wonder that Pacman gets close to 8 million hits a month in Google search alone, despite the game being over 3 decades old! Originally created by a Japanese game designer and licensed through Namco in Japan, as well as Midway in the U.S, Pacman has undergone decades of revamped titles and been spread across a large multitude of consoles. The name itself is almost synonymous with gaming today, and because of its fame and fortune it ranks number two on this list! Pacman was originally named "Puckman", later evolving into the more popular American derived version, in which the name Pacman was born. You can play Pacman here: Play The Original Pacman.

3: Ripple Dot Zero!

This retro inspired game features awesome FM synthesis music and sound effects. Quake Flash Game Created by Swedish game developers Simon Stalenhag and Tommy Salomonsson, who collectively are known as "Pixel Truss", Ripple Dot Zero prevailed as one of the best modern day, retro themed platformers, and now remains a very popular title among online gamers. Tommy being inspired by 2D platform games as a kid was responsible for coding, while Simon developed the art and music for the game. Together they created a masterpiece, a work of art to say the least. For there compelling work, Ripple Dot Zero scores spot number 3 on this list! Play it now: Ripple Dot Zero

4: Quake Flash!

Play all 8 terrifying levels of the original PC favorite "Quake", reborn in flash. Based on Quake Flash Game the original Doom series of games, Quake sought to be become more of a three dimensional environment. It also marked the beginning of what would later become the modern FPS games we see today. Enjoy this flash classic in all its 8 bit glory! You can play the game here: Quake Flash.

5: Zombie Pinball!

This game has all the trademarks of a classic pinball game, but with zombies and tomb stones Zombie Pinball game as obstacles with amazing graphics, and it plays well in flash. It even sports good background music that fits the game nicely. It features great bonus rounds as well. This flash game definitely has some of the best graphics out of all pinball games online. You can check it out here: Zombie Pinball

6: Death Call!

Based in the Wild West, Death Call is a flash based shooting gallery game online. Starting out in a saloon, death call flash game destroy your opponents and collect cash to upgrade your weapons and buy health. The game starts out simple, but as each level begins to progress the opponents become more and more difficult to take down. Definitely a flash title worth playing! You can check out the game here: Death Call!.

7: Boxing Bonanza!

An Awesome 3D Boxing game, Boxing Bonanza surrounds a theme similar to older retro titles such as Punch out, boxing bonanza 3d graphic a classic game from the 80’s. Fight up against hard hitting boxers who become fiercer at each succeeding level. This one also won an award from miniclip. Check the game out for yourself here: Boxing Bonanza 3D.

8: Planet Smasher!

Based on the original Asteroids game, Planet Smasher features your usual 360 movements propelled by jets. Planet Smasher flash game It’s a modern day remake of the classic game. Developed by Stian Thomassen, this one is sure to please those die hard retro gamers! Great graphics bring the old school classic back to life again. Check it out here: Planet Smasher. Also be sure to check out Stians website

9: OffRoaders!

Also based on a retro classic, OffRoaders is an off road dirt racing game similar to “Super OffRoad” from the 1980’s, which you may remember Off Roaders Flash game as an upright arcade console with a steering wheel. While this game has its differences to the classic, it’s definitely similar in many ways. See the game here: OffRoaders!.

10: Red Crucible 2!

An MMO game that supports decent graphics and gaming options galore. Red Crucible 2 is an Red Crucible 2 - Multiplayer FPS game FPS war game where you fight on the ground or from vehicles in a 360 degree open world. Many maps to choose from and a multitude of game modes make playing this game worth the time invested. Unfortunately this game has so many controls it’s almost a better bet to use a key mapping program like “Joytokey” to remap the keyboard controls to your PC controller. You can play with others from all over the world! Check out the game here: Red Crucible 2.

11: Marvin Martians Earthling Eliminator!

Play as Marvin the Martian in this Whack a Mole style game! You face up against many of marvin martians earthling eliminator flash game the original Looney Tunes characters. Zap as many opponents as you can to fill your meter before the clock runs out. Check this one out here: Marvin Martians Earthling Eliminator.

12: Hobo Game Series!

The only game where you truly play as the likes of bum! Punch, kick, and spit your way through Hobo Flash game levels of street bound chaos. There are 7 games in this series total (8 if you include hobo vs. zombies), which each one providing a differently themed environment that the worlds biggest bum must take on. It Features a cartoon like appearance with an arcade playing style. You can also gain passwords after defeating levels for future play. The first version of the Hobo game is still quite popular despite being on version 7 now, and you can play it here: The Original Hobo Game!.

While it’s arguable which flash games were the best ever, the ones we listed for sure are worth noting. It’s amazing what 3D game developers have managed to create with flash today, however it’s likely that flash will begin to further fade out as newer and better technologies based on HTML5, which allows for application development to take place directly in a webpage rather than relying on third party plugins within browsers. This would mean online games would no longer require the flash plugins in order to function since they would then be able to run natively in the browser itself. Mobile devices are also moving away from flash, and it’s a recommended best practice to develop games as apps in HTML5 in order to properly support mobile devices.

But, as long as there is a market for flash games online, they will continue to be developed. It's titles like the ones shown here that prove flash to be worthy when it comes to online gaming, despite its shortfalls.