Guest Blogging Opportunities With Strategic Social News Wire

By: Strategic Social Networking
June 28, 2016

Our parent media organization currently has open guest blogging opportunities for a recently launched tech publication on Medium. Strategic Social Networking just launched its Strategic Social News Wire publication on Medium, and is actively seeking members who wish to contribute. This opportunity is open to members of Strategic's community on Google Plus. We're seeking content for many different areas of tech as listed below. Content published to the new publication will be actively promoted to Strategic's 120,000+ member base, and will provide bloggers with a chance to build their influence, authority, and connect with a larger audience.

Subjects we're looking for:

We're welcoming guest posts for a number of tech related subjects, including those surrounding social media, social networking strategies, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and information technology as a whole.

If you're interested in contributing, make sure you've joined the community on Google+ via the link above and send us an email describing the types of content you write and what you'd like to contribute, along with a Medium user name so we can add you as a writer on the publication. All submissions are subject to editor approval.

Later on, we may open paid opportunities to top contributors.

Why We Launched The Publication:

Every day, Google Plus members come to our community seeking the latest social media and information technology news, along with tips to solving real world problems on the web, including those surrounding web publishing, blogging strategies, and SEO. The publication itself is part of our ongoing efforts to better serve our tens of thousands of members with information that's useful and will help professionals in the IT world to do their jobs better.

As part of those efforts, we actively seek out new and informative content to serve our users on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it appears many of the larger media publishers of the web today have resulted to mass publishing tactics without taking into account how useful the information is they serve to their audiences. The publication is our answer to providing those members with the accurate information they seek, without resulting to subpar content publishing strategies that only serve to hurt users in the long run.

We also wanted to find better ways for our community members to engage both with us, and with each other, and to help them promote their ideas to wider audiences. If you have worthwhile ideas you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you!

If you have your own tech related blog, you're welcome to share your stories with our community members, just be sure to check out the community guidelines before posting.

All submitted posts will be subject to the approval of our editors.

Strategic's community is roughly three and a half years old, originally being launched just days after Google Plus opened the doors to their communities feature. We currently house a diverse set of individuals from all walks of life, many of which are seeking information and solid advice to help them achieve specific goals on the web; while others may just be interested in reading the latest news headlines.

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