Social Media Marketers Rejoice!

Strategic Social Networking Takes Online Marketing to the Next Level!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Updated: Feb 9, 2014

Today marketers know that connecting with others online is a necessary must. strategic social networking graphicThey also know that connecting with like minded professionals can not only help to extend their marketing reach, but provide themselves with a way to gain valuable marketing insights from other leading industry professionals, and the “Strategic Social Networking" community on Google+ is now making that happen on an exponential level. Being one of the largest social media communities on Google Plus, in fact one of the largest in the world, this amazing online forum creates the perfect environment for sharing and gaining incredible knowledge, and collaborating with your professional peers. If it’s a marketing edge you seek, this is the place to find it!

Considering today’s fiercely competitive internet market, and what many feel are Google’s over reactive and sometimes unfair ranking algorithms, many have turned to social media for help in extending their reach and building an effective, and hopefully dedicated audience online. Regardless of your online goals, the implementation of proper marketing techniques online is essential, and this powerhouse of a community can help to make it happen. Today, Strategic Social Networking serves as the driving force of this very website, and serves as a clear example of the benefits that Google Plus communities and brand pages can provide for everyone, regardless of their interests. The right social channels for your online goals exist on Google Plus, it’s just a matter of locating and tapping into those channels to make things happen.

With tens of thousands of members and growing, I’ve personally watched this community excel since the beginning of my involvement on Google’s now massive social network. I’ve also gained much of my marketing and internet publishing knowledge from others I’ve connected with there. Today I work to help manage this great community and keep it an informative and inviting place for everyone, and I wanted to share this community with others who may be struggling to make their business interests work for them on the internet, regardless of what they are. Watching and waiting doesn’t work! Instead, make use of Google’s soaring network and learn how to create convincing and informative content online that will propel you and your business interests to new levels.

The community now receives up to date internet marketing insights and trending social media news from professionals all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a powerhouse of knowledge for professionals on the web. But there’s more to this community and social media as a whole than just listening and ingesting information. If it’s real cutting edge marketing techniques you seek, you really have to do your part to get involved with discussions, connect with others who share your interests, as well as create and post compelling content that others will want to respond too. The "post and run" technique doesn’t work in Strategic Social Networking, nor social media as a whole. It's making that initial connection and keeping the conversation going that can gather the interests others. Without it, you will see no benefit from social media.

With a world audience now turning away from their cable TV’s and to the internet for news, entertainment, answers to their every day common problems, and more, it’s obvious that traditional marketing practices are not as effective as they once were. Those who manage to harness the power of social media marketing and networking will be the ones to prevail in the end. Thanks for reading.

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