Nintendo's Road to Nowhere!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Feb 5, 2014

It’s tumultuous times for Nintendo these days, from their sluggish to gain traction Wii U console, to the mass Nintendo's super mario 3d world graphicexecution of their own fans on Youtube, the cracks are definitely starting to show. Even Hiroshi Yamauchi’s children have thrown in the towel on the gaming giant, just recently completing a transaction with Nintendo to buy back 9.5 million shares. For Nintendo it’s not all gloom and doom though, as the company remains solvent with a surplus of cash, but its current state of failed leadership is clearly on a road to nowhere.

It’s obvious today that Nintendo is clearly out of touch with the world of around them. Their current commander in chief, Satoru Iwata, clearly feels confident the company’s problems can be repaired, and just recently announced pay cuts to pick up for the short falls. But since when do the highest ranks of leadership within an organization allow for the threatening and intimidation of the very customers who purchase their products? Iwata has clearly stood in the background while the organization he leads threatens people not to make video’s of their game play with Nintendo products. While I can’t speak for the rest of the world, in America, this is definitely considered to be morally unacceptable.

Apparently Nintendo has never heard the term, “Never bite the hand that feeds you!” After last year’s Youtube fiasco with Nintendo copyright strikes, furor has since poured over the vast video network, with gaming channels plainly expressing their disgust for Nintendo’s actions. Why in the world would you want to shut people down for making videos of your games? Doesn’t this amount to free marketing for Nintendo? People express their love for Nintendo, and the gaming icon responds with lawsuits, threats, and intimidations.

Nintendo’s slow sales with the Wii U are not just a product of their alienating themselves from the very people they serve, but are also due to the fact they flooded an already saturated handheld gaming market. How many hand held gaming consoles do you really need? It seems like Nintendo, along with other gaming giants appear to be pumping out new products faster than Charmin changes the designs on its toilet paper. In case no one noticed, Nintendo’s 3DS sales last year were through the roof at times, clearly showing that gamers had no appetite for another console, especially in a struggling world economy.

Again, Nintendo is unlikely to ever go broke. They own a ton of intellectual property, which they’ve recently announced they may be planning to lease out in order to bring in much needed cash. Money won’t save them though. But this doesn’t make up for their mistreatment of gamers.

In the end, it’s not financial stability that threatens the future of Nintendo, but rather their lack of moral and ethical standards. Maybe one day Iwata and the rest of his fairy tale corporate clan will wake up and realize the very people they threaten should really be the people they actually value. Once your business is no longer about the people you serve, you might as well no longer be in business.

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