Develop a Niche Site? Why Diversity Matters!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Updated: May 01, 2013

When it comes to developing content on the web today, computer keyboard image it seems the word of mouth advice is to create a niche site that focuses on one subject and sticks to that subject. We’ve all seen the sites that are focused on some simple set of keywords in hopes of gaining traction in organic search results for a given, yet refined set of queries. But the question lingers, should you be putting all your eggs in one basket? Here we’re going to take a deep dive into the world of content creation on the web, paying special attention to the comparisons between niche vs. diverse websites.

Niche sites:

The art of creating a niche site takes into consideration the idea of developing content around a refined subject, and sticking only to that given subject within a domain’s content. There are some advantages to this strategy, as well as disadvantages to this method of web publishing. One of the benefits of focusing on a single subject is that, an entire domain’s content can then be geared towards creating a multitude of content that surrounds that subject, effectively adding value to users who scour the web for information. Being an authority on a given subject is great for readers, but not necessarily so great when it comes to traffic analysis time. Narrowing down to a given set of keywords blocks you into less possibilities of scoring for more keywords because you only cover a single subject. Being as search engines use our webpage’s textual information in order to tie our content to search results, you end up effectively boxing yourself in, and limiting the amount of search queries you could have otherwise scored for if your content had been more diverse. Nonetheless, this method still has its place.

Diversity Rocks!

If you take a close look around this website, the first thing you should notice is that the entire sites content is not geared towards a single subject, nor a single age demographic, etc. Whether you’re 6 years old or 60 years old, there’s content here for everyone! I developed the site in this manner for a good reason. For one, a 6 year old child doesn’t care about search engine optimization, or social media marketing, as they would much rather play a video game, that’s why I have incorporated hundreds of games into this site! On the other hand, a web designer or computer networking specialist might not care to play video games, but would much rather read a tutorial on multi column layouts with CSS, or network subnetting, which is why I cover both of these topics as well. Either way, developing content that is geared toward a large demographic of age groups can only be a good thing.

By covering a multitude of subjects within your websites, you can affectively cater content to more user interest’s than you ever possibly could with a single narrowed down topic, as would be the case with a niche site. Why limit the possibilities? On my other website, there is a similar approach as to the way I implemented diversity into my content development strategy there as well. The site covers current media topics, news geared towards internet based technologies and social media, and even has a section dedicated just to celebrities, as well as current affairs in the U.S. It works!

If you want to bottle yourself up and leave no room open for possibilities, “knock yourself out!” I’m not going to join you! Consider this, when you develop any type of content on the web, be aware, you are effectively competing against the rest of the world to rank in search results. There are companies out there that have massive teams of internet engineers working around the clock in order to help ensure their spot in organic search results remains under their control, and they aren’t going to give up those spots easily. The competition is extremely tuff, and you are going to need a crap load of high quality content in order to score for a good amount of keywords. The more explanatory and useful people find your content to be, the better! Content that is liked by many is likely to be shared, discussed, and interacted with on a large scale.

By implementing my strategy of creating a diverse array of content for my sites visitors, I have effectively tapped into a large base of possible search queries that I can now score for. Another thing to consider here is that ranking for search queries among sites it not a static entity, as these values can actually change day to day. You could gain or lose rank for a given set of search queries at any given time. However, creating quality content that people like and enjoy, as well as implementing a content publishing plan centered around diversity can really help to keep you in the game by allowing you to retain some keywords, even as others have lingered.

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