Mobile Gaming Excels while HTML5 Replaces Flash!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Aug 01, 2013

The game development world has made a major shift in recent years to mobile. It’s no secret nvidia shieldthat mobile gaming has now exploded and developers are scurrying to get their piece of the financial pie. Like any other business, you go where the money is! With Apple on the decline, the shift has been made towards developing for Android, which now houses the world’s largest mobile gaming platform. Other shifts in the industry are taking place as well, such as with the newer and better web design and development technologies that HTML5 carries with it. HTML5 makes for a good replacement alternative for flash, and is an added bonus when it comes to develping for mobile, in which you will soon see why!

Android Gaming is Hot!

With the advent of the Nvidia Shield, tons of alternative Android gaming controllers and devices have since flooded the lucrative mobile market. The Android games library is so huge you could almost count more stars in the sky than games currently available from Google’s App store. Amazing new games like “Brothers in Arms – Global Front”, and “International Boxing Champion’s”, have proved quite popular, and more amazing titles seem to hit the mobile market place daily. Having such a large audience of mobile users around the world also presents developers with a simple way to cater to those audiences regardless of their country of origin. It’s likely that Google’s “open book policy” with developing for the Android operating system is what continues to drive its success today.

While many game titles on Android are free, most are willing to pay a few dollars for a game after playing the trial. Consumers don’t mind paying $6.00 for a mobile game when they’re used to paying $60.00 for a home console game. Just another added bonus in the scheme of things.

HTML5 Takes over Flash!

The days of Flash are clearly numbered! Google is currently seeking to be done with Flash altogether after recently announcing they will be ranking sites who use Flash for video lower in their mobile search index. HTML5 now provides the ability to build applications, including games, directly into the webpage’s themselves! This means no more need to rely on third party plugins in order to process binary data from applications, videos, games, etc. Once upon a time people actually built their websites foundation on Flash, a bad move! Flash clearly is unreliable and has long needed an acceptable replacement. HTML5 is also device independent! Regardless of the device that is rendering the content, it will always display properly as long as developers stick to current design standards in terms of developing with HTML5. HTML and CSS, unlike many other proprietary technologies that drive the internet today, are in fact standards as defined by the W3C and HTML5 Working Group. Building applications directly into the page means compatibility across the board on all devices, regardless of their physical or logical architecture. It’s a one size fits all development approach when developing for Android!

Designing a game in HTML5 means creating a game that will work in any major browser. Flash however isn’t supported many mobile devices and operating systems, such as Apple’s IOS. Creating a game that works on desktops and laptops with Flash is no longer a viable option for this reason. We have standards for a reason and its best we stick with them. The mobile development era has just begun, and it’s likely the growing mobile market trend will only continue in a positive direction.

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