Why FarCry 2 Was A Total Failure!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Updated: Feb 24, 2013

Ubisoft brought real innovation to online gaming with its advent of the FarCry series of games that encompassed both the home gaming, and PC platforms. Starting with the original version of FarCry (evolutions) which was first brought to life with the original XBOX and a PC version, it offered features that no other game before it had ever accomplished. It was the only game in the world (still is) to ever include a cut and paste map editor that users could work with to literally create their own games based on templates (custom maps). Building on the popularity of the original Evolutions game, and then the Instincts Predator version that was released for the 360 back in 2006, Ubisoft decided to build upon its already popular title with a sequel that was nothing less than putrid at best!

FarCry 2 was an utter failure. The game was fraught with problems from the get go. The once fast paced, action packed experience that gamers endured with Instincts Predator was now long gone, and gamers of all platforms were pissed! FarCry 2 was clearly full of bugs. When it was first released, it was obvious that Ubisoft had frayed away from the original series and had attempted to copy the game play from the “Call of Duty” series of games. Problem was, FarCry players didn’t want call of duty, they wanted FarCry, but they weren’t getting it. Instincts Predator was faced paced, had excellent controls, you could zoom in across a map and literally snipe somebody between the eyes, both the vehicles and players were realistic in their movements, weapons were scattered across maps, and you had the option to carry a number of weapons, even having “dual wield” capabilities in the game. Players made thousands upon thousands of maps for this version and the game was considered the “de-facto standard” for a custom game, it was truly unique, and there will never be anything else like it.

FarCry 2 on the other hand was nothing more than a complete and utter mess! You could walk faster in Instincts Predator than you could run in FarCry 2, the vehicles were slow and would require you to stop and repair them after driving for just a few minutes. It seemed as if it took eons to walk or drive from point A to point B in a map, and the vehicles themselves had lousy worthless controls. Ubisoft stated they wanted to make the game “as realistic as possible.” Unfortunately, they got carried away entirely. A brand new automobile in the real world doesn’t require the driver to get out and repair the car every 2 minutes. Many other changes as compared to previous versions were made as well, most of them causing more headaches than improved game play. Instead of health packs, you now had to heal yourself, your guns would jam and run out of ammo. Once your weapon ran out of ammo, that was it, all you had was a knife, and now all you could do was wander aimlessly across a map with people taking shots at you from all directions. One player from Instincts Predator stated “It would have been better if Ubisoft had done nothing at all.” I was so unimpressed myself that I literally gave the game away to a friend 2 days after purchasing it.

Too make matters worse, the map editor was difficult at best to work with, although definitely more powerful than previous editors. Gone were the dual wield weapons, and stock piles of Molotov cocktails, grenades, pipe bombs, and claymore’s. Now it was an arsenal of nothing, and the game was boring. You could almost take a nap in the amount of time it took to get from one end of the map to another. You could even walk “out of bounds” without even realizing it, and instantly be warned to return to the match, annoying. The players themselves walked and ran like they had eaten a bad meal at denny’s and had stomach cramps, as if they were searching for a “pot a potty.”

Now with FarCry 3 hitting the scene, it looks as if Ubisoft realized its terrible mistakes and is trying to bring the one of a kind game series back to life once again. Rumors have hit that FarCry 3 doesn’t allow for vehicles in the multiplayer maps, yet the map editor allows for users to place them. What’s the point of including them then? Either way, the previews point to the arcade style game play that past versions had shared alike. One till will tell, as the new game will hit store shelves on Dec 4, 2012. We will have to wait and see. FarCry 2 should have never been released to begin with. It was a complete and utter waste of time and money for everyone, including Ubisoft. It’s likely that FC2 was the worst game ever created.

We've recently implemented a FarCry Custom Map Previews section on the site for users to check out some of the cool maps made by the online community. We are currently Featuring Maps From all Versions of FarCry, including FarCry 3, as well as some downloadable custom graphics for the game.

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