Fakes on Social Media - The Consequences of Doctoring Social Profiles!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Updated: Feb 10, 2014

It’s no secret that our social profiles can house the truth of who we really are. It’s also no secret pinochio lying that many people will lie, not only about who they are, but what they’re knowledgeable about, and what they do in their everyday lives from their profiles online. I can’t count how many social profiles I’ve viewed on Google+, but one thing many of them shared in common was that a lot of them were complete fakes! Today, the concept of pretending to be a professional on social media is an everyday trend, and the situation is likely to escalate as networks like Google Plus continue to extend their reach across the global web. Also, employers are now looking ever closer at social profiles, not just for job applicants either, but for those who they already employ. So the question remains, can you spot a fake on social media, and are you honest in all sincerity with your own social profile?

Spotting the Fakes on Social Media:

We’ve all seen it before, the guy who claims to be a world class web developer, yet he has no links to anything he’s created, and no posts that reflect his supposed knowledge can be found anywhere on his profile. Or the person who claims to be an educated professional, yet they never share any insights about their supposed knowledge with others online, but they insist they know everything there is to know about their profession. There’s clearly a difference between talking about something and actually doing it! Simply parading around social networks bragging about your skills probably isn’t a very good way to make friends online, or find dedicated followers for that matter.

So how exactly do you spot a social fake? There are tell tale signs that someone is fabricating their social existence. For one, those who are educated, skilled in their profession, and have real world credentials to back them up, will clearly be passionate about their work and willing to share their knowledge with others. On the other hand, those who lie about their knowledge and credentials won’t be able to hide it for long, since social networks are abound with real professionals these days who can easily spot a fake in a second flat! After several years of learning web design and building lots of cool websites (such as this one), I’ve spotted dozens of fake web designers on Google+ alone! But wait, there’s more! Then you also have the fake credentials that come into play as well. People will claim to have college degrees, and be employed by fortune 500 companies with top ranking positions, yet they have nothing in their profile to validate their claims.

The Consequences of Lying in Your Social Profile:

These day’s employers are looking ever closer at social profiles when searching for potential candidates to fill their employment coffers. While damping your online profiles with degrees you’ve never earned, skills you’ve never honed, and references that don’t exist might seem like an easy way to impress others, it undoubtedly will back fire at job interview time when employers ask you to verify your claims posted on the social media. Even if you manage to pull a fast one on your employer and get the job, it’s likely your lies could come back to haunt you when the higher ups decide to order a review of all employee credentials. This is exactly what happened to the CEO of Radio Shack, David Edmondson, just a few years ago! When Radio Shack’s board of directors became suspicious of their elected leader, they decided it was high time to check out his references. He originally stated he had two college degrees, but after a thorough review and background checks were done, it was obvious he never had a degree at all! It’s also a matter of integrity. There’s nothing to feel good about in lying to others about who you are!

In the end, cheaters never prosper! Lying about your knowledge and credentials will do nothing on social media other than alienate yourself from the rest of the social world. It’s just not worth it. Rather than pretending to be someone you aren’t, why not just be straight forward and truthful with others, it will only be in your benefit later on down the road. Simply assuming that no one on social media will catch onto your lies is clearly moronic to say the least. Once a person’s dishonesty rises to the surface, their reputation may be destroyed forever.

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