Creating a Visual Experience and Not Just a Blog!

By: Daniel Imbellino
July, 22 2014

When I first created this site, I knew I wanted it to be different, and not just another boring blog! Human Eye in the sky visual Rather than reading my thoughts, I wanted people to actually feel them, I wanted to give the world an experience they would never forget, and today I think I ultimately achieved that goal. If you look around this very website, it’s scattered with subliminal messages that really tell a striking story of who I am and what I hope for. It shares my greatest fears and my ultimate triumphs, as well as outlines my own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike the average blog, you can literally feel it, it knows no boundaries, and it sets no limits. At first glance, it makes perfectly logical sense. At a second glance it’s so abstract it makes no sense at all. No matter how hard you try, you can never figure it out completely, and only a few will ever truly understand it. Again, it’s an experience, not a blog, and that experience has played a major role in compelling others to take interest in this site and keep coming back for more.

Putting Thoughts into Words:

Putting your thoughts and feelings into words is great, but giving others a way to actually visualize those feelings is a whole different story. Do you want the world to read your thoughts or actually feel them? No matter how hard you try, words have their limits and set barriers since words themselves can never explain human emotion in its entirety. If you want to stand out in the digital world we call the internet, you must find a way to instill those thoughts, feelings, and emotions on others, or risk becoming just another part of the noisy digital circus the internet has become.

While words tell a story, visualizations amplify that story and turn it from a fairy tale into a reality your readers will love. Rather than simply making people think about something, I make them ingest it, as an experience is something we become a part of ourselves.

This is a tactic many brands have used over the course of decades to instill feelings in the hearts of consumers, such as is the case with brands like Coca Cola, with its unique designs that the average human can easily identify with today. Their logo is almost synonymous with American culture today, and it’s been around for so long that it’s literally shares a historical significance with our society today. The greatest part about it is that the more people are subjected to their logo, the more memories it instills on them.

In the case of this site, I’ve realized now that over time, its unique design has caused its audience to become more and more connected with it. They see it a second time and can easily identify with it, and eventually they start to understand it. What we read consists only of words, but what we see has the ability to hard code an experience, a memory, and defines feelings we otherwise could never explain and would never had had to begin with.

Leave Something Unanswered:

When you click thru a link on this site, you have no idea what you will come across, there’s no way to know what lies on the other end of that link, you just know it’s something visual. This was a major strategy we incorporated into the online games section of this site, as it’s filled with colorful graphics, many of them unique in their own ways. If you shuffle thru the game categories, you will notice the unique banners, and animated gifs that bring the pages to life. In the case of the retro games page, users on Google Plus created an amazing animated banner that falls directly in line with the rest of the sites theme. I was blown away the first time I saw it, and am still in awe to this very day. It’s the amazing visuals of that page that compelled people to share it over 600 times, and you can view it here: Retro Games Page. Many thanks to +Rebel Dew and +Luiz Peterson for their amazing work on this graphic.

Again, the experience is something we become a part of ourselves. The more we are subjected to something that instills a feeling in us, the more we appreciate it, the better we can identify with it, and the more it means to us as humans. If you’re looking for unique ways to stand out and build a dedicated audience for your blog, visuals will get you there.

Don’t get lost in the noise! Put your words into feelings with visuals, and not just a simple statement.

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