How We Built a Brand on Social Media - The Birth of Gamers Bay!

By: Daniel Imbellino
September 12, 2013

So we’ve all read a million articles about social media marketing, branding ironbut how do you build a brand online? Better yet, why should you build a brand online, and why is branding more important than marketing? Marketing is great and all, but as I’ve said all along, if no one likes what you have to offer, then your marketing efforts are worthless! As you will soon see, building an identity for a product, service, or content, and instilling a lasting image in people will pay off in incredible ways. Here I’m going to explain how we built an incredible brand (Gamers Bay) and integrated that brand with this website, in effect gaining thousands of dedicated followers in the process.

We’ve Created a Monster:

You may have heard of Gamers Bay Community on Google+. It’s our gaming community, G+ page, and additionally it has a presence on this website. Gamers Bay is our brand, and is its own entity so to speak, just as this site, PCTECHAUTHORITY, is also a brand and is itself identifiable in many ways. The keyword here, “Identifiable!” People are able to easily recognize this website and Gamers Bay, because both stand out in incredible ways.

PCTECHAUTHORITY, unlike many sites on the web, is easily identifiable, in part because of its design. It plays on human emotion, and the natural ability to instill a memory in someone. It was designed that way for a good reason. You want people to have elements about your brand that are easily identifiable. Having a website that consists of nothing more than a white background with white text doesn’t exactly capture people’s hearts, and they are unlikely to have anything to visually remember about your site once they leave it. As well, Gamers Bay has some easily identifiable elements that help it to stand out from its competitors, whoever they may be.

After we came up with the name “Gamers Bay”, I pondered for days over what to use for a graphic, when I realized I needed something that people could easily identify with. Pacman was the winner, and I took a snapshot from the Pacman game on this website to use as our community logo. The logo itself reading “Get Ready” creates a call to action, another added bonus. For the Gamers Bay Page, we decided it would be best to stick with the current theme, and the profile logo now consists of the ghost “Blinky” from Pacman for this reason. The banner for our page taps into human emotion as well, because of the classic elements it contains. Pacman has been around almost as long as gaming itself, and people of all ages can easily identify with it.

This is where the power of association comes into play. Naturally, we can build and recall memories based on other memories. While Pacman is easily identifiable, pctechauthority and gamers bay by themselves aren’t so identifiable. By associating Pacman with Gamers Bay and this site, we’ve effectively created an identity factor, and a point of association. Likewise, this sites banner, and colorful layout gives people something to visually remember it by, and it appears our tactics are working very well.

The Power of Integration:

As the online games section grew on this site, we realized there was a need to build a dedicated audience for it, but the question was how? Our first tactic was to build a gaming community with a corresponding page on Google+ where we could market our content to a large audience. The page acts as a powerful social channel in which we can easily dictate any content that is streamed through it. Likewise, the community serves as the social driver for the gaming section of this site. Now we can connect with the sites gamers first hand and gain valuable feedback from them that will help us to make more informed decisions as to our overall content strategy.

We then associated Gamers Bay with PCTECHAUTHORITY, cross linking the page, community, and the website with each other. The “About” section of Gamers Bay community has a link to the site, and the sites game pages have graphics that we use to help market the community. What we’ve done is affectively created connections between our social brands and this website. The more connections you can make the better! The site and the community both drive traffic and awareness to each other!

If you take a look at the main games page of this site, You will notice the page has been shared over 800 times, and it is now shared 7 days a week, 365 days a year on Google+ alone! And that’s just one page out of hundreds on this site. If you scroll down on the page listed above, you will notice a graphic that was used to help market the community to site users. Our lead moderator +Rebel Dew has now designed many graphics used in our marketing campaigns for the community and page, including gifs for the games, graphics for social media posts, logo’s, etc.

Growing Larger!

Why stop there! We’ve now created Gamers Bay pages on Twitter and Pinterest as well. The Pinterest board for Gamers Bay lay’s under the PCTECHAUTHORITY account we created, again, keeping with our strategy of integration. As usual, we have marketing in place on Pinterest and Twitter to bring awareness to both Gamers Bay and this website.

Making Friends Pays Off!

Rather than trying to beat our competitors on social media, we actually promote them! In fact, today Gamers Bay serves as a marketing platform for many other online game related websites and businesses, not just ours. You may be asking, why are you promoting your competitors, doesn’t this negatively affect you? No, it doesn’t, and here’s why. You see, by promoting are competitors, we are making friends on a large scale, and in far reaching places. So rather than trying to find ways to beat us, our competitors promote us and recommend us as well. It’s obvious today that this website and Gamers Bay alike have retained thousands of dedicated followers, they stand by us 100%! Also, we can feel good at the end of the day that other businesses related to ours are benefiting from our hard work. At present, some of our largest competitors are also the biggest contributors to Gamers Bay! How can you go wrong?

The conclusion:

At the time of this writing Gamers Bay Community on Google+ now has close to 3,000 members, and its corresponding page has close to 5,700 followers! That’s close to 9,000 people, looks like our marketing and content strategy is working very well. We created identities for our brands, integrated those brands in some manner, tapped into multiple social networks, and implemented graphics on a large scale in our marketing efforts; and don’t forget the making friends part! We also helped to speed up our following by curating other game related content we found on the web.

In the end, it was our ability to focus heavily on the quality of the content we created, paying close attention to our users wants and needs, and our exceptional marketing efforts that helped us to flourish online. Content is everything, and your image follows next! It’s not just the quality of content that matters, but the way you present that content to others that is of a great significance to succeeding online. The key to making this all work is to create content that people want or need for some reason, then connect with and be responsive to your audience, all while being as original with your content as possible. What does your content have to offer people that similar content elsewhere does not? Ask yourselves that question.

A special thanks to +Joseph Solares (co-founder of Gamers Bay) +Rebel Dew (Our lead moderator and top contributor of Gamers Bay, including content produced on this website), and the thousands who support us, thank you for reading!

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