Are Standardized Certifications The Answer to Bad SEO?

By: Daniel Imbellino
Dec 28, 2013

Almost every area of information technology presents the opportunity for individuals to achieve certification logostandardized certifications, including everything from database administration, to tech support, networking, and even web design & development. However, if there was one area of IT that was ever left out in the cold, it would definitely be SEO. This is too bad considering the functionality and success of every site on the net today depends on meeting the technical demands of the complex web of interconnected and interrelated technologies we refer to as the “internet.” While at present there are no official standardized certifications for search engine optimization, there are marketing degrees and other educational alternatives that could suffice as an alternative. However, in the end a standardized certification for the industry would only be a good thing.

With a business world now enraged over the consequences of bad SEO, there is a much stronger need for businesses to use more caution when hiring an SEO specialist or firm. Many companies are extending their screening processes, looking for proof of successful work and digging deeper when checking references. Unfortunately these methods don’t help enough to weed out the black hat SEO’s or in many cases, those who claim to be world renowned SEO specialists, yet they lack the skills to understanding how the internet actually functions from a technical perspective, not making them much of an SEO at all.

So, until the day COMP TIA or another IT industry leader decides to introduce a standardized certification for search engine optimization, there are other alternatives from schools like Full Sail that offer internet marketing degree programs that teach prospective students skills that would naturally be required of any SEO specialist, such as internet marketing research strategies, web based analytics and reporting, fundamentals of web design, etc. All skills that would be required of a proficient SEO!

Colleges today have realized that the world’s largest marketed audience exists on the web, and many schools have geared their marketing programs towards internet based technologies as a result. So, Its’ not that there aren’t any proficient SEO’s out there or that the training isn’t available, the problem lays more along the lines that companies large and small aren’t always sure who to hire because of a lack of technical knowledge about the internet themselves.

While colleges continue to extend internet technology based training initiatives, having globally recognized and accredited certifications for search engine optimization wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Having an organization like COMP TIA introduce an accredited SEO certification would help businesses and individuals alike by supplying them with references to qualified SEO professionals who are certified by them. It’s this accreditation with other leading certificates such as the Comp TIA A+, or Microsoft’s certifications that have made them so popular today.

Certifications alone don’t always spell out to creating a qualified information technology professional, or an SEO specialist for that matter; but they’re definitely a place to start, for both professionals, and those in need of their services. Having qualified professionals do the job should be the goal of any organization, and SEO based certifications would help anyone who's seeking help with their websites to find qualified search engine optimization specialists, who can get the job done without so many hiccups, not to mention penalties that could cause a business to go under.

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