4 Years of Strategic Social Networking -
Growing A Social Empire

By: Daniel Imbellino
March 09, 2016

Moving quickly into our 4th year of working tirelessly to grow Strategic Social Networking an image of the classic chess set, symbolizing strategyinto the social empire it's become today, I'm a firm believer that real opportunities in life do in fact arise out of the relationships we build, both online and off. What is Strategic Social Networking, you ask? It's the consortium of over 114,000 IT professionals who work together to find solutions to the often daunting challenges many of us face within the chaotic world of information technology. It's also the media titan that delivers you the latest IT and social media news, which often lays under the scrutiny of our organization's experienced members, and it's leaders.

Today, it's that scrutiny that makes me a better leader, and helps our members and others to solve nagging problems, and often do our jobs a lot better as a result of working together. Over the past few years, I've watched tens of thousands of bloggers, marketers, brands, and others who just want to learn, pour into our now massive Google Plus community to either share their experiences, or learn strategies that help them achieve real world goals. Together, I firmly believe our organization and its members pioneered the art of social networking in profound ways.

It's the influence and authority of our members that drives our brand as a leader in the world of social networking and information technology as a whole today. Over the years many of those members were my mentors, and many of them fought to exert their influence, and to learn and share innovative ideas that paved the way to solving complex problems in web publishing, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

For both I and Strategic's founder, Joseph Solares, it's simply a matter of doing exactly what we love to do, build brands on the web!

Social networking itself is more than just a means to solving problems though, and even more so it's a tried and true way of building long lasting professional and personal relationships with others across the vast social spaces of the web. It's also a means to unlocking real opportunities that can, and often do shape our everyday lives, and our very futures.

If you're another aspiring tech-blogger or IT guru, with high hopes and real dreams, we'd love to see your work, and we often work to promote exceptional content creators to wider audiences on the web. We definitely know a good blogger when we see one.

From the latest social networking strategies, to ground-breaking techniques in the realms of search engine optimization and blogging, if you have a purpose on the web, you can really learn a lot from our members.

One of the greatest thing's I've learned from my experience with Strategic, is that how we present ourselves, our brands, our content, etc, to the world, can really have a profound effect on how others view us, what they really think of us. If we hold ourselves to a higher standard, others will show their appreciation for it. And, those who hold themselves to higher standards are often those who work harder, who exhibit a stronger influence on their audiences, they exercise real authority, and they typically rank higher. Those of real authority on the web, are those who work to learn more!

Likewise, I learned that there's more to building visibility and ranking on the web today than simple links, and the world might be surprised if I told them their voice on the web can easily be more powerful than any link could. Links are only secondary to ideas. Believe it or not, it's our influence that defines our strengths on the web.

I also learned that building personal relationships is a akin to building a personal army when it comes to the social web. The relationships we build often produce dedicated fans of one's cause. Even for the biggest brands on the web, the most influential of their audiences are usually made up of just a very small fraction of their entire audience. It's that small fraction that makes brands tick, and keeps them visible on the open web.

We're now moving fresh into our 4th year, as Strategic was founded on Dec. 7th 2012, just after communities themselves were first rolled out. Moving forward, we see a vibrant future for both Strategic and it's incredibly influential members. Soon we will expand from a social only organization to build a dedicated site for the brand, where community members will be able to contribute their own work and exert their influence on an even wider audience.


We've recently launched Strategic's publication on Medium, "Strategic Social News Wire." The new publication is integrated with our community on Google+. We're also opening the doors for our members to contribute to the new publication and have their content promoted across our social channels. To learn more about the new publication, why we chose Medium, and how to become a contributor check out this post: Strategic Social Networking Integration With Medium

Thanks for reading!

Your co-commander in chief of Strategic Social Networking, Daniel Imbellino.

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