Zombies in The Shadow!

A top-down zombie shooter, take on the living dead in Zombies in The Shadow! Players start the game armed with a pistol and flash light, scouring an unknown, yet futuristic world to find safety.

Each stage starts players out with the cover of a fortified barricade, from which they can hold out against the hordes of zombies, or jump over the wall to traverse the surrounding areas. While the barricade would appear to be a safe place holdout, the zombies will eventually over take it, knocking down its walls.

The flash light serves a dual purpose in the game. Not only does it light your way, but it blinds incoming zombies, slowing their further movement, openning a window of tme to attack them.

Defeated zombies will often drop new weapons, power-ups, and health packs, which will be needed for later stages of the game, where zombies no longer walk, but run at a lightning fast pace, attacking you from every angle imaginable.

Directional Movement = WASD
Aim = Mouse
Cycle Weapons = 1-5
Fire Weapon = Left Mouse
Throw Grenade or Explosive = F
Attack By Hand = E
To Reload = R
Open Inventory = Space
infra red visor = Z
To Hide = Shift
To Switch Explosive Devices = Q
Double Tap to Jump Over Walls.

Zombies in The Shadow game start screen