Zombie Pinball - Its Scary Fun!

A zombie themed Pinball game online! Smash zombies with Pinballs as they rise from their graves! Hidden Dungeons which are usually locked by grave stones can be unlocked by destroying the tombstones that surround them. Completing dungeons unlocks all new pinball boards to play, each with their own hidden bonus rounds.

The game is filled with beating hearts with bulging eyeballs, dancing skeletons, unthinkable demons, and monstrous looking creatures! Unlocking dungeons adds additional features to the game board, including pinball boosts that help keep your ball high on the game's play area.

Tombstones can be smashed, but they will take multiple hits to take one out and stop the flow of zombies onto the pinball board. Tombstones are also the obstacle blocking your entrance to the game's vast array of secret dungeons.

zombie pinball screen shot