Zombie Trapper 2 – Protect The Generator

It's a zombie defense game, where the object is to hold out as long as possible, while the zombies march in force against you!

Not only do those pesky zombies eat your flesh and try to get at your brain but now their after your generator as well. These undead vandals are trying to destroy your only way of surviving the unclean air and you must do everything you can to stop them before it's too late.

You can set traps around the generator to stop the zombies in their tracks and give you a little extra time to take out those extra large swarms of the undead. You will have many weapons at your disposal as you complete new levels and unlock new equipment such as machine guns, uzis, shotguns and more.

If guns aren't your style and your feeling your inner samurai there are swords, bats and a whole arsenal of weapons that don't require bullets to use. You can slice and dice your way through the enemies leaving body parts behind.

As you go through the waves the zombies will get harder and harder and faster and faster. Watch out for the dogs and make sure to protect the generator well as they are fast and come in waves of 4 to 5 at a time.

How long will you survive?

Zombie Trapper 2 game start screen with green zombie

group of defeated zombies