Zombie Stalker - Arcade Shooter Online!

Armed with nothing more than a single hand gun, take on swarms of aggressive zombies who rise from the ground, surrounding you from all sides. A true arcade themed, run 'n gun shooter!

Some zombies are more aggressive and powerful than others. Some of the smaller zombies will give chase quickly, giving you little time to respond, so you have to keep moving throughout game play, or face an onslaught of zombies! The larger zombies tend to do more damage, are slower moving, but they're also harder to destroy. Your life meter starts out fairly limited, but dead zombies often leave behind new weapons and health.

Zombie Stalker start screen with zombies

Zombie Stalker features portals that can be used to advance from one level to the next, often being met with more hordes of zombies as a result. Scour graveyards in shear darkness, destroying as many zombies as yu can before they take you alive!

Once you get swarmed, it can be almost impossible to break free without the game ending first. The zombies are quite clingy, so always keep your distance, and never stop moving. Zombies come in a variety of colors which often represent their mannerisms. The green zombies can crawl and lightning speeds, while most of the brown and grey zombies are quite slow. The added color coding of zombies makes it easier to distinguish them apart, and helps the player to which ones to attack first. As the game progresses, the zombies will start to literally rise from right beneath you!

WASD = Directional Movements
Aim = Mouse
Fire = Left Mouse Click
Roll/Evade = Space