Play Zombie Karts - Go Kart Racing With Zombies!

Go Cart Racing With Zombies! Similar to the old school Mario Kart Games! An Awesome Shockwave 3D Kart racing game. Race through multiple Halloween themed tracks, collect Pumpkins & bottles for power ups, and lightning bolts for speed boosts. Beat the game and gain access to survival mode!

Players can choose among several Karts to race with, each with its own specialized weapons including swarms of bats, tornados, and more. All players are equipped with skulls they can fire upon their enemies at will. You can pick up shields throughout game play that will protect you from from enemy attacks.

Shoot = X
Special Attack = Z

zombie Karts flash video game

The game features giant demonic hands that rise from the ground, smashing the zombie racers as they pass below them. Collecting pumpkins unlocks new game features that can be chosen at the end of each stage.

You can customize your zombies before races, choosing clothing, head wear, as well as facial features for your characters. There's 4 vehicles to race with, including the Hot Rod, Super Car, the Tank, and Buggy.