Play Turbo Rally - Off Road Racing! (Game takes a minute to load)

Turbo Rally is a cool off road rally racing game online! The game builds off the earlier online game series from Turbo Nuke, including Offroaders! Accept this time the vehicles are much larger, more detailed, and the game boasts far better frame rates for smooth game play! The game is strikingly similar to the classic arcade title "Super Off Road." There's nitro boosts and the ability to upgrade your rally cars with more powerful engines, high performance handling, and better aerodynamics, for improved racing abilities.

Yellow Lancer rally car from Turbo Rally racing

Race upon multi-national raceways with dozens of rally cars to choose from. New vehicles can be purchased by collecting points throughout each race. There's even hidden trophies to help you score more points and gain more cash to attain better rally cars and advanced racing features.

Turbo Rally - Flash Offroad Dirt Racing Game!

One cool feature of this game are the varying weather conditions and awesome locales to race in. The race tracks feature mud, snow, ice, dry flat ground, and other dynamic racing conditions.

Red rally racer on Mexico raceway with Aztec pyramid

Unlock powerful rally cars like the Lancer or Impresso to take on those ever complicating race courses throughout the game. Players start out the game positioned to race in North American tracks, including Mexico, The U.S, and Canada. Beating the North American races unlocks the international raceways play.

Much of the game consists of drifting around the windy sharp turns of international raceways bombarded with treacherous weather conditions and aggressive racing opponents. Letting off the gas will pull you around corners faster than hitting the breaks in this game.