Toxie Radd - 360 Zombie Shooter!

In Toxie Radd a terrible experiment goes horribly wrong after a group of mad scientists meet their match against those they tortured in the fictional St. Rose state prison. The game differs from other zombie titles in the sense that, you the player awaken in the game to realize you've turned into a zombie yourself.

Swarm of zombies attacking from all sides in Toxie Radd

Awakening to a state of confusion, you realize you're still alive, armed to the teeth with weapons, with others yet to be unlocked as the game moves along. It's 360 degree zombie shooting mayhem, as you take on a world of bial spitting, aggressive zombies, who lash out from the shadows around you.

Throughout the game you pick up green nanotec vials that can modify the dna of organisms and molecular composition of objects. Each nanotec vial you pick up allows you to buy 1 upgrade at the end of each level.The upgrades are crucial, as you won't be able to defeat later levels in the game without them.

The game also features boss zombies at the end of each level, who won't be easy to beat. From the start of the game, the boss zombies are much faster than you, and often they have an extended reach to breathe fire on you. Getting those precious upgrades is the only way to survive! The bial spitting zombies are slower than bosses, but they can still do a lot of harm if you get to close to them. They have long reach when they spit upon you.

You can cycle thru your weapons using your numeric keys, and throw explosives in the game by pressing space bar. You start with 3 simple weapons, none of which harness much of any threat to the zombie infestation that is now surrounding you from all sides.

There are 3 difficulty modes to choose from in the game, including, Joke (simple), Deadly (medium difficulty), Apocalypse (Beyond difficult).