The Peace Keeper!

WASD = Directional Movement
Left Mouse = Fire
Mouse = Aim Weapon

Take on a futuristic army force to restore peace to civilization in this arcade themed, fixed-platform shooter online!

Save your grenades for enemy swarms or find yourself overrun and no way to keep cover. The game features several types of upgrades including, magazine rounds (increase number of rounds per load), Gun Body (increase push back effect), increase ammo damage, Backpack (increase the amount of gold you earn), Gun Cannon (bullets that spread), armor, health, grenades, and other weapons that can be achieved by unlocking additional stages.

The Peace Keeper - war game start screen with moving gears

The object of the game is to rise and drop within your bunker, firing upon the enemy army as it approaches. Whenever you hit your left mouse button, your peacekeeper will automatically rise up giving you the chance to raise your weapons and take down enemy combatants. You can move while you're firing, but the longer you weapons remain engaged in firing mode, the less firepower you have. Dropping back to your bunker and releasing the trigger alllows your guns to recharge back to full capacity. As each round progresses, the enemy army becomes more and more aggressive, eventually resulting to them throwing bombs, and even throwing meat clevers at you. Regardless of the enemy onsought, you gaurd yourself from all attacks by hiding in your bunker. The only thing is, the army moves fast and faster with each successive stage, making it more difficult to rise up and fir upon them without bearing the brunt of their onslought.

The Peace Keep online game