Tactical Force FPS

Tactical Force is a cool, flash based, FPS rail shooter, similar to the classic 1992 arcade game "Lethal Enforcers." The enemies in the game generally appear in fixed positions, with players using surrounding objects to duck and cover themselves from in coming fire.

Enemies often fire in bursts, then pause to reload, leaving open a window of opportunity to fire back. Keep in mind though, the enemies too take cover when reloading their weapons, but you can still get a head shot if you aim carefully enough.

Enemy fire can come from buildings, windows, and behind vehicles, or other objects present throughout the game. The key to beating each stage is to make use of your scope and aim quickly, but not taking too many shots before reloading again.


Hitting the space bar hides your character from enemies while reloading your weapon. Use W to scope your enemies for better aiming. Q and E are used to cycle through your weapons cache.

Game character firing upon enemies at close range

Like the typical rail shooter, Tactical Force plays out scene for scene, plotting players in a fixed position of game play. Besides taking out enemies in each scene, health packs will often appear, and they're curcial to staying alive and beating the game.