Sweet and Bad Halloween Candy Game

In this halloween themed candy eating game your objective is to eat the sweets and avoid the monsters. Similar to the classic Pac Man you move your way around the board avoiding the monsters as candy randomly appears on the board.

While you are moving your way around the board there will be special power up candies that appear with images of electricity, garlic, a candy mint and more, each with its own unique ability.

The electric candy allows you to walk around the outside of the board and zap your enemies clearing them from the board. The Garlic candy creates a cloud of green smoke around you so you can walk right through the ghouls and monsters surrounding you. Then there is the mint which turns your enemies into candy allowing you to eat them.

Your goal is to eat as much candy as possible before the monsters get you. Each piece of candy will add to your final score.

You can move around the board using the arrow keys up, down, left and right.

preview of Sweet and Bad power-ups and characters

Preview of Sweet and Bad characters - similar to Pacman characters