Super Strike of Rage!

An 8-bit themed fighting game that features an explosion of colorful sprites and retro themed sound effects that will remind you of the classic Atari days. Super Strike of Rage has all the elements of a classic 1980's video game, coupled with excellent controls, and eye catching graphics.

You start the game as an angered employee who fights back to increase his wage. The more office personnel you take down, the higher your wage, and the higher your overall score. Attacks in the game have a real arcade feel to them, with dash attacks, and fast moving punches. The game also has cool power-ups in the form of cherries, and other items that can increase your scores and replenish your health.

The game feels quite bizarre at times, with odd looking office workers with cat like heads who attack at will. Other opponents are your typical office workers with a suit and tie, who you battle it out with to raise your much deserved wage! Some enemies throw bombs at you that explode into a giant red ball of pixels that flash outwards across the screen. You can dodge bomb attacks by using your running dash technique to move you out of the way.

Super Strike of Rage game start screen