Super Santa and The Christmas Minions

It's an epic Christmas Adventure game, similar to the old Mario games. In this game all of Santa's little helpers have been turned evil by the villainous turkeys and are now out to get Santa. The evil little birds have taken all of Santa's toys and distributed them all across the North Pole forcing you to go out and find them if you plan on saving the holidays.

Super Santa & The Christmas Minions Holiday game start screen with Santa Clause

This fun filled action packed game has many different enemies ranging from the ever so popular Christmas elf to giant gingerbread men that you will need a ladder to be able to reach their heads, and snowmen who divide into two smaller enemies when pounced on. The way to take out your enemies is exactly like Mario, one of the all time best Nintendo games where you jump on their heads of your enemies to defeat them. If you don't jump high enough you take a bit of damage so watch out for the bodies and aim for the heads.

The Evil Turkey zaps a Christmas elf with his snowglobe wand turning him evil

Your goal is to make it through each level and collect all the presents and save your friends from the evil that has overtaken them. Will you be able to save Christmas in time? Or will your evil little friends prevent old Saint Nick from making his Holiday rounds this year?

Super Santa prepares to defeat a snowman by pouncing on his head!

W = Up to climb ladders
A = Move Left
D = Move Right
Shift = Run for extra long jumps