Super Rally 3D Racing

Note regarding controls: Once you start the game, you'll notice the black dots on the screen. Use the arrows to move the black dots and pick your race track, then click next in the right hand corner of the game window to start the race.

Use arrow keys to steer and for acceleration. The black dots on the track menu represent which track you are attempting to race next. You can use the arrow keys to move between various tracks, and tracks that aren't unlocked yet won't be available.

Rip through mud and tear around corners in this 3D racing game online! Super Rally 3D features multi-national raceways, including France, the U.K., and Mexico. Pick among a whole host of awesome rally cars to race with. Some vehicles are faster than others, but may not have as good of handling as the slower vehicles.

The trick with this game is to let off the gas around corners to keep yourself at a distance from walls. Some opponents are aggressive and will try and knock you out of the way. Beat tracks to upgrade to new rally cars and unlock more races. The game also records your game play, and it can be reviewed at the end of each round.

The game features cool Techno/House beats throughout each race that matches the game play perfectly.

Super Rally 3D racing game online