Play Super Mario Bros Crossover!

Super Mario Crossover is a blast from the past, where players get to choose one of a number of classic game characters from the 8-bit gaming era; including titles such as Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Contra, Castlevania, and others! For instance, you can play as multiple variations for any of the classic Mario and Luigi characters from all the previous Mario games.

Access characters link from Zelda, Smon from Castlevania, Ryu Hayabusa from Shinobi, Samus from Metroid, and more!

Each character features their own unique weaponry and capabilities, such with Link's bow and arrow from the original Legend of Zelda title. The background of the game itself is set entirely in Mario World, where you battle against classic Mario enemies. The game also features many of the classic Mario World themed power-ups, such as fire-balls, flying abilities, and other personas.

Super Mario Crossover game