Super House of Dead Ninjas - Game and Review!

The Story:

Behold the Crimson Ninja (AKA Nintai Ryoko), a brave female warrior from the distant village of "Chun Jan", who sets out on a journey to find the truth behind the stories of an evil demonic entity named Abarghus; who along with his evil minions have terrorized the local village surrounding a dark tower known as the "ziggurat of infinum." As legend has it, a one armed ninja was once said to have traversed the tower, entering through the top they worked their down to the bottom, only to discover the greatest treasure in the world.

As stories of Abarghus' tyranny continued to mount, the more compelled Ryoko felt to seek answers. She had no want or need for treasure of any kind, as it was a fools errand! It was answer's she was after. Were the stories of innocent villagers being dragged to the tower's dungeon a myth, or were they real?

The Crimson Ninja then began her journey by entering through the only entrance, which was at the top of the tower. As she entered she remembered the rumours of gigantic beasts who give chase to innocent and unsuspecting trespassers. A chance encounter with such a beast would be incredibly unwelcome, but it was a risk she was willing to take. As she continued to travel downwards through the tower, Ryoko remained confident that no one would be a match for her gleaming blade. After all, she was armed to the teeth with a sword, shurikens, nunchuks, and bombs used to blast her way through obstructions and blow up unsuspecting enemies before they are ever alerted.


Arrow Keys = Directional Movements
Z = Sword
X = Shurikens
C = Bombs
Space = Magic
Hold down arrow key to charge for stamina and then press up for higher jumping abilities. Additional magic powers can be unlocked during game play by completing specific tasks as outlined in the weapons upgrade menu.

Super House of Dead Ninjas has the all the look and feel of an arcade themed hack 'n slash adventure game. As the game reached a level of popularity among online gamers, platforms like Steam have now helped to bring more attention to the game series, with a current and updated version now available there.

Super House of Dead Ninjas Game and Review

Super House of Dead Ninjas - Crimson Ninja Captured