Street Racing 2 - Turbo Racing Game Online


Nitro Boost = CTRL key
Directional Movements = Arrow Keys

Street Racing 2 is an incredibly challenging 3D racing game! Playing the online version with a mouse and keyboard, the vehicles turning capabilities are very sensitive, and it takes real practice to know when to turn at just the right time.

The racing opponents are also very aggressive, and if they happen to slam into you they can send you careening into walls, or worse, flipping your vehicle over, causing a long pause while waiting to have your race car reset on the tracks.

The golden colored orbs refill your nitro boost by 25% for each one collected, and the green orbs lessen damage to your vehicle by 20% for each one collected, they are also harder to obtain than nitro orbs. Pay atention to your damage meter throughout each race, as once you hit +90% damage, it won't take much to total your car and end the entire race itself.

The Nitro boost in the game feels quite realistic, with opponents and surroundings flying by you at lightning speed the longer you hold down your boost.

Street Racing 2 - Turbo racing game online