Stinger Mission - Zombie Shooter Online!

Stinger Mission's character Andy Law with guns drawn

The game begins with a covert U.N operative named Andy Law who embarks on a "Stinger Mission" to get to the bottom of an evil terrorist organization, only known as C.T, that's turned humans into man eating zombies.

Horde of vicious zombies from Stinger Mission game

C.T has taken over an underground research facility that's owned and operated by the U.S government, which houses biological and chemical weapons, that may play a major part in the worlds' zombie infestation that risks all of humanity's future existence.

A female nemesis named "Wings" has infiltrated C.T, only to realize her identity has been discovered. It's now up to Andy to save her from the clutches of the terrorists before they kill her. The U.N then dispatches Andy to rescue her before it's too late. Andy often plays in the company of his female companion in his bid to battle the evil forces of C.T.

Besides battling against zombies, you're often met with gunfire from C.T's henchmen, who are armed with unlimited fire power. The henchmen themselves often turn into dinosaur like zombie creatures throughout the game.

The game's story plays out in a comic book like appearance at the end of each stage, and is set in a futuristic scene, post world war III, where the forces of good and evil battle for victory. It's now up to Andy and his female partner to put a stop to the terrorist organization before it unleashes a wave of powerful biological weapons in a bid to destroy the world as we know it.

You collect points for defeating enemies throughout the game, which can then be used to purchase new weapons for use by pressing the B button and selecting the firearm of your choice. New weapons are expensive though, and ammo itself is always in limited supply. Although, you always have your trusty hand gun that has unlimited ammo, but it's quite weak to say the least. It will take many shots to take down zombie hordes as you progress deeper into the game.

You can also slash zombies and henchmen with your blade if you get close enough to them. Double tapping directional keys when facing enemies can unleash attacks by air, with air and slide kicks. Andy also has a ground punch maneuver that slams enemies to the ground; a great maneuver for when you're surrounded and getting beaten from all sides.

One great feature of this game is the fact you have unlimited continues, so matter how many times you die, you can always respawn right where you were in the game's story. You also have the advantage that you're faster moving than your enemy counterparts, giving you the ability to maneuver yourself out of harm's way.