Spell Storm - A Fantasy Arcade Shooter Online

Enter the fortress of the evil chaos reaper, a tower full of mysterious dungeons and horrific creatures await you in this fantasy arcade shooter online! Destroy portals before they spawn an army of evil creatures. Spell Storm shares many traits of the classic arcade game "Gauntlet." Travel from dungeon to dungeon, fighting off evil minions that rise from the ground beneath you, in search of the evil chaos reaper. Magic scrolls can be found throughout the tower, find and collect them to unleash their power.

You must defeat all enemies in each stage in a timely manner, or unbeatable enemies will emerge, including a grim reaper. One touch of the grim reapers wrath will end the game. Just like its predecessor "Gauntlet", Spell Storm features 360 degree movements. The game is best played with a mouse.

Spell Storm - Fantasy arcade shooter online

Spell Storm game play graphic