Snow Bros - The Classic Arcade Hit Reborn in Flash!

Originally released in 1990 by Toaplan, Snow Bros was an instant arcade hit! The game featured two characters (snowmen) named Nick and Tom who set out to take on a world of evil monsters. The object of the game is to throw snow balls at your enemies. Once the enemies are covered in snow they will freeze solid, allowing the player enough time to push them, causing them to roll. Once striking an object the enemies will burst, often times releasing a magical bottle of potion upon their defeat.

Snow Bros Classic Arcade Game

When a frozen enemy begins to roll, the snow ball it produces will take out any enemies in its path, and if Nick or Tom get in its way, the snow balls will latch onto them carrying them thru a path of destruction. Each bottle of potion has its own power increasing capabilities, and the powers wear off when a player dies.

The blue potion increases the amount of snow the player can throw. The green potion causes the player to swell into a giant ball and float around the screen, effectively to knock out enemies in its path. The red potion increases the speed of the player. Yellow increases the distance the player can throw their snow.

Players are timed to defeat all the monsters in each level of the game. If a player takes too long an evil pumpkin will appear and aggressively attack Nick or Tom. The pumpkin itself is completely invincible, but it can be fought off temporarily. The pumpkin eventually releases ghost pumpkins that are also invincible. The only way to defeat them is to destroy the all the monsters in order to end the current level. Taking out all enemies with a single snow ball releases tons of green bills that fall upon the screen, each being worth 10,000 points.

The game was later ported from the arcade to many home gaming consoles including, the commodore Amiga, Sega Genesis, NES, Game Boy, and most recently ios and Android. Despite the games early success Toaplan filed for bankruptcy in 1994, reminding the world just how tough it was to compete in the game development world at the time.

Snow Bros also shared many traits of earlier games such as Taito's Bubble Bobble, in which two dragons "Bub" and "Bob" blow bubbles that trap their enemies, in which they would then pop them using their spiny backs.

Snow Bros retro game start screen

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