Sky Quest - Action Adventure RPG!

Sky Quest is an amazing action and adventure RPG with a real story line and incredible arcade like shooting elements. Players take on the role of the warrior "Conquest" in his bid to stop Wartrake, an evil entity from the territory of Krieger. Conquest himself resides in the territory of Kronia, where he is informed by Scallon of Carestia that an unknown enemy has looted the secret scale and stolen the Central Staff.

Sky Quest RPG game banner

Conquest embarks on abid to return the staff to its righful owners, and take down Wartrake who he suspects is behind the theft.

Conquest travels through the lands on a sky ship, that after completing stages and leveling up can be upgraded with powerful weapons. Conquest's personal weapons too are upgradeable, with the heroic character starting out the game with the "Light Vulcan", that zaps out powerful orbs of energy to destroy incoming "critters", the evil forces that are menacing his world.

The critters consist of one eyed monsters that travel through the air firing on you at will. Some critters swoop and dive, while others stand their distance during their attack. Mechanical enemies with mounted weapons are seen during game play, and end bosses appear at the end of each stage.

Conquest in battle against one eyed critters

Conquest's ships too are fully upgradeable with weapons such as the Vulcan Cannon, that often proves to be a real help during battles against armies of critters that fire in all directions aimlesly.

SKy Quest brings a real story to the table, along with incredible music that pulls you deep into the story behind the game. The game is another amazing online gaming accomplishment from its creators Berzerk Studios. Probably one of the greatest Action based role playing games we've published to the web so far.