Shadows of Mummies!

WASD = Directional Movement
numeric keys = Change Weapon
J = Fire Weapon
K = Use Sword or Stick
L = Throw Grenade
I = Access Your Inventory

In the seek of Egyptian treasure, you enter the tomb of Ferro only to realize your girlfriend has fallen through a trap door and now the hunt begins to find and rescue her. The tomb itself is full of long corridors filled with the unthinkable and unknown. Be on the alert as mummies, skeletal warriors, bats, and ghostly creatures emerge to attack you at every whim.

The game features upgradable weapons that can be achieved by defeating enemies and found throughout each tomb in the pyramid. Some enemies can be taken down with a single hit, while others like the skeletal warriors, including mummies with shields won't go down without a fight! Bullets are limited, so save them for the harder to beat enemies, while using your staph to take out simpler enemies, such as bats.

shadows of mummies online game