Santa's Christmas Adventure Game Save The Holiday!

Santa's presents have been stolen by some bad little goblins and you must help santa get them back. If you don't get them back, there will be no Christmas for all the little boys and girls. In order to get Santa's presents back you will need to jump on the zombies to defeat them and collect the mess of presents the goblins left behind.

Santa encounters a treacherous goblin he must destroy

You must collect a certain amount of presents per level in order to move on, but it won't be easy with the zombies in your way and the sharp icicle's protruding from the ground. You will have to be very careful not to hit the icicles as you make your way through the levels collecting the presents so you can deliver them to all the good little boys and girls.

Will you be able to make your way through each area and collect all the presents in time to help santa save christmas for all the good little boys and girls?

The controls are:
Jump: Up Arrow
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow