Santa Simulator - Christmas Game Online!

A holiday game of skill, where players test their skill dropping presents from the sky. It's that time of year again and Santa needs your help delivering the presents in this Santa Simulator game online. Just hit the red button and try to aim for the chimney as you pass over the homes below. As you pass over the homes and deliver the presents you will gain points for the ones you delivered, and lose points for damage caused. That's right, if you miss the chimney Santa has to fork out the cash to pay the repairs so aim carefully.

Santa Simulator game opening screen

After you deliver a certain amount of presents successfully you will be taken to the next level where the sleigh is a little bit faster, making the presents come down at an angle and making the chimneys harder to hit. This will make hitting the targets a lot harder and causing damage to homes a lot easier, but no worries you will get the hang of it.

This game will put your hand and eye coordination to the test as you try with each level to deliver the presents without breaking the roofs or crashing into the buildings. If you crash, Santa gets ejected and it's game over. How many levels will you make it through?

The controls in this game are very simple, there will be a clutch symbol that you pull up to go down, and down to go up, then hit the red button to deliver the presents.