Play Samurai Ninja

An evil master samurai has taken over his kingdom and imprisoned his own people. You must take down his army and free the prisoners in this side scrolling action and adventure game online. It's an arcade style hack 'n slash game.

Unlock new combo moves by leveling up throughout each of the game's stages. There's a total of 11 unlockable samurai ninja characters in the game as well. Each character has their own special moves and unique fighting abilities. Players can also upgrade their weapons, strength, and speed depending on how many points are scored in each level. You can also smash apart barrels and other containers to score points and more health along your journey.

Equipped with a samurai sword and shurikens, you begin your fight by freeing villagers who have been taken hostage by the evil master samurai.

Samurai Ninja comes from the same developers of the HOBO series of games, seething swarm! Samurai Ninja preceded the HOBO games collection, yet is shares many of the same traits. Just as in the HOBO games, you unlock new combos by completing each level, and game play style is virtually the same, except this game has much poorer controls than the HOBO series does. Nontheless, great graphics and the game features cinematic scenes throughout each level.

Samurai Ninja game

Directional Movement: Arrow Keys
Run: Double Tap Arrow Keys
Attack 1: A
Attack 2: S
To Throw Your Shuriken: D
To Cycle Thru Weapons: Q
To Attack with bombs: W
Drink Health Potion: E
To Pause Game: P