Play Ripple Dot Zero

Arrow Keys = Directional Movement
Z = Attack
X = Jump

A 90's themed action-adeventure platformer featuring FM synthesis music and sound effects, Ripple Dot Zero shares traits from the classic Sonic games.

Ripple Dot Zero blue chrome banner sign

Developed by Simon Stalenhag and Tommy Salomonsson through their own label "Pixel Truss", Ripple Dot Zero looks to bring back the side scrolling adventure games of yesteryear. Play as a heroic penguin, "Ripple", in a "Sonic The Hedgehog" inspired world. The FM synthesis sound is clearly themed from the 16 bit era.

Ripple Dot Zero Game

Each stage of the game features unique FM synthesis tracks, cool power-ups, and challenging end bosses. The games protagonist, Ripple, starts out the game with a weapon similar to plasma sword of the classic Strider games. As mentioned, the entire game is themed after the 2D side scrollers of yesteryear, especially Sonic The Hedghog. However, instead of collecting coins as Sonic did, Ripple collects pills, which can be used to unlock extra lives, and additional power-ups. The game will auto save your progress using cookies.