Retro Shoot - Inspired By Galaga and Space Invaders

This awesome retro themed shooter features incredible 3D graphics, with alien characters inspired by those of the classic games Galaga and Space Invaders games of long ago. The game starts as a forward scrolling shooter, but evolves into a side scrolling shooter as you progress through each level, with the screen literally turning from each perspective throughout game play.

As you fire upon invading alien spacecraft, they will explode into an assortment of colorfully blasted pixels that resemble fireworks. You can collect orbs to upgrade to more powerful weapons. The game's main themed alien invaders are giant green blobs and buzzing alien fyling bugs that closely resemble the creatures from the classic Galaga.

The game also features richly detailed alien planets, nebulas, and even black holes, that lay both in the distance, and within the immediate background as the screen moves through motions of intergalactic battle.

You can also play Galaga here: Play Galaga

Retro Shoot - Based on the Classics Galaga and Space Invaders