Red Crucible 2 - Online Multiplayer Urban Warfare!

A popular online First Person Shooter, Red Crucible 2 features open worlds with large battle grounds, a plethora of weapons to choose from including tanks and armored vehicles. Increase your rank or purchase coins to attain new upgrades. Fight in hand to hand battle, from your tank, and with heavy weapons.

Game Controls:

Directional Movements:
move - WASD
View - Mouse or trackpad
Jump - Space bar
Run - Q
Crouch - C

F1 - Enter Full Screen
F - Zoom
V - Camera Modes

Weapon Controls:

Primary Weapon - 1
Secondary Weapon - 2
Knife - 3
Grenade - G
To Reload - R
Inventory Item - Numeric Keys 0,7,8,9

Use Vehicles - E
Game Options Menu - M
Inventory - I
Map - U
Zoom in/out of map - + and - keys
Current Game Stats - Tab

Chat: Start Chat - Enter
Team Chat Feature - T
Change Chat feature - Team, Friends, or all teams voice chat

Red Crucible 2
Red Crucible 2 Flash Game