RC Mini Racers RC Car Racing!

In this action packed RC racer you race RC cars through checkpoints and blow things up to gain money to unlock new and exciting race courses for your car. Be careful not to miss a checkpoint though or you will have to go back and complete it before you can continue. If this happens you can hit R and reset the vehicle or simply turn around and continue on.

You can gain extra cash in each race by catching air or using the missiles and mines to take out your opponents. You will be able to catch some extreme air by hitting the ramps and jumping the cars, you can also gain more missiles, turbo, and mines by collecting the red and blue symbols at the end of each ramp helping you re stock your supply.

RC Mini Racers - race car explosion!

The missiles are seeker missiles that will seek out your opponents and take them out every time. You can use the missiles by hitting the space bar to launch any missile you have. Or you can drop some land mines on the ramps and in front of the checkpoints for the other racers to run over. To drop the mines once you have collected a few just hit C and the mine will be thrown out behind your vehicle.

The more people you take out with missiles and mines, the more cash you will get! You can also get cash bonuses for completing laps faster and beating your best times. All that cash can be used to unlock new courses for even more destruction and mayhem.

Let the RC destruction begin!

RC Mini Racers