Rail Rush Worlds - Featuring All New Worlds!


A or D: Reach left or Right
Arrow Keys = Jump or duck

Explore four new worlds, including the Steam Factory, Jurassic Jungle, Pharaoh's Tomb and Horror Land! Collect gems and gold nuggets in order to upgrade and unlock new worlds! The new Horror Land is filled with animated ghosts and other terrifying creatures, or take a cruise on your mine cart through a Jurassic world filled with primal dinosaurs in Jurassic Jungle!

Rail Rush is a challenging mine cart game filled with traps galore! Players duck, jump, and swerve left and right to dodge objects as they fly through the mines at high speed.

Check out the Pharaohs Tomb in Rail Rush! Explore the depths of Ancient Egypt's pyramids in the latest mine cart stage.

Rail Rush Pharoahs Tomb - Mine Cart Game Preview