Play Quake Online - The Retro Classic Quake Reborn in Flash!

Explore hidden dungeons and play through all 28 terrifying levels of monstrous chaos in the retro classic Quake online. Just as in the original Quake game, explore through a world of hidden dungeons, collecting keys, finding hidden buttons to unlock passageways, and shooting obstacles in order to unlock doors and secret levels. Flying demons and caged monsters lurk around every corner.

Quake, along with its predecessor "DOOM", marked the birth of FPS (First Person Shooter) games. The original game developed by ID Software also pioneered the online multiplayer experiences the gaming world has evolved into today.

Players start out as an unamed protagonist who seeks to put an end to the entity code-named "Quake" and stop a death squad from destoying all of humanity.

After a government experiment discovers a teleportation technology called "Slipgate", Quake comes along and compromises it, sending hoards of death squads from other alternate dimensions back to the human ones.

The protagonist enters alternate dimensions by finding their way to each Slipgate, taking on monstrous looking creatures that are as aggressive as they look. Quake consists of four episodes, with players starting out in a modernly futuristic military base at the begining of each episode. The episodes are divided into levels, in which players must survive the onslaught of the death squads and find the exit to the next Slipgate (dimension).

The game is filled with options for travel, where players must often choose a route, not knowing what exactly lies ahead. The game is filled with teleporting structures, and dimly lighted tunnels and passageways often lit with nothing more than a torch.

Attack = ctrl or mouse1
Change Weapon = /
Jump or Swim = Space or Enter
Walk = WASD
Look = Mouse
Run = Shift

Quake online opening screen shot

the original quake game