Hobo - Funny Flash Fighting Game

Hobo is a funny flash based fighting game online, in which players take on the roll of a disgruntled bum who's hell bent on destroying the world! Punch, spit, and fart on your enemies in this hilarious flash based brawler. This was the first in the Hobo fighting game series, and one of the easiest to play out of all the titles so far.

Beating each stage of the game unlocks new and more powerful fighting moves. The completion of each stage also unlocks a password that can be used later on to reach specific stages of the game. Small objects can often be used as weapons, such as soda cans, chairs, etc. Simple punches and kicks don't do much damage to your enemies, so make use of combo moves as they become available. Although, you'll have no combos available from the start of the game, as they all must be unlocked.

Attack: ASWD
Directional Movement: Arrow Keys
Double Tap arrow keys to run

Hobo Game
hobo flash game