Pirate Hunter!

It's an arcade style battle on the high seas! Battle evil pirate intruders with fierce combos and defend your fellow comrades, otherwise they could be overrun. You must defend your comrades as much as they defend you, or find yourself in a battle all on your own!

You start the game as a powerful pirate equipped with a sword, a gun, and the strength of 10 men! Your enemies are no match for you, but your comrades are as weak as your enemies and they can easily be overrun. The game is filled with special weapons which can be found hidden in barrels, and often dropped by enemy pirates. Some special weapons are more powerful than others, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Weapons include a cannon, fire swords (which quickly light your enemies on fire), and ice swords (that freeze and slow enemy pirates down), as well as powerful rifles, and other destructible weapons.

While game play starts out relatively simple, the enemy pirates become more fierce and aggressive as you pass through each stage. Some enemies will weapons of their own, including anchors they will swing at you, cannons, chains, and single shot guns. It wont take long before you find yourself overwhelmed with pirates attacking from every angle, and some of them won't go down without a serious fight!

WASD = Directional Movements (Tap twice in a given direction to run).
J = To attack, pickup up weapons, health, etc.
K = Jump
L = Fire Weapon
J+K = Special Attack!

Pirate Hunter flash game screen shot