Once in The Cave - 8 Bit Themed Platformer Online!

A modern 8 bit themed platformer online! Play as the likes of a powerful wizard who takes out his enemies by firing fire and ice from his wand. Once in the Cave shares many features of the classic NES adventure games of the 1980's.

The game hardly starts out in a cave, but rather with a wizard that jumps from one sustained platform to another, as razors rip from the ground in some areas, and evil looking orcs attack from others. It's a classically designed side-scroller, with a real retro gaming feel! A plethora of potions help the wizard to take out enemies with blasts of fire, ice, and other mystical concoctions.

The wizard has a quite a firing reach, and jumping when firing on enemies can extend that reach even further. You can attain increased capabilities and more powerful weapons by completing tasks throughout each stage. The game features 11 stages in all.

The wizard can pickup gold and silver coins from defeated enemies, as well as health potions found throughout game play. There's also hidden treasures in the form of powerful upgrades placed throughout each level of the game. Often they're lurking in the most unnoticeable of places. But look out, while exploring the unknown can reveal powerfully new abilities, they can also bring about the wizards demise.

Once in The Cave adventure game