Offroaders - 4x4 Offroad Racing

Offroaders is a remake of the original "Super Off Road" arcade game from the 1980's remade in flash. It's a 4x4 off road racing game with modernized graphics, and awesome controls that rival even those of the old arcade versions of Super Off Road.

Use the directional buttons to steer, up arrow for gas, and space bar to boost! You can collect points throughout each track which can be used to upgrade your existing vehicles or purchase new ones. Hidden trophies also exist in the game!

Rip through tons mud laced tracks, flying off jumps, and slamming opponents out of your way if Offroaders! The game shares so many traits to the original arcade game "Super Off Road", the vehicles movements are almost identical in fact. Even the vehicles themselves are a resemblance of the once iconic arcade title that featured a mounted steering wheel which users would spin in order to slide around corners of mud filled race tracks.

offroaders flash - remake of the original super offroad game