Off Roaders 2 - 4x4 Off Road Racing Game!

Reminiscient of the classic "Super Off Road" game series, Off Roaders 2 is a 4x4 off road dirt racing game filled with mud slinging tracks, modern graphics, and realistic looking trucks to race with. Slam over jumps and boost ahead of components, while sliding around steep mud ridden corners.

Off Roaders 2 features vastly improved controls over the previous version, and more detailed graphics. Jump through fire rings and slam through barricades! The game also features the ability to raise and lower quality and frame rate settings for a better playing experience.

Off Roaders 2 flash dirt game online

This game will bring back all the memories of Ivan "Iron Man" Stewarts original Super Off Road! The original upright arcade cabinet had smooth steering wheel which could rotate continuously, in which players would slam the wheel left or right to spin there trucks around muddied corners of the race courses.

Use arrow keys for directional movements and the X button for boosts.