Mechanical Commando 2: Burning Skies!

An arcade themed shooter, conquer the skies with a brazen jet fighter armed with powerful missiles, gunners, and other weapons of war! Mechanical Commando 2: Burning Skies brings the arcade gaming experience to life online! Take on an aggressive military force empowered with tanks, fighter jets, and attack helicopters, dodging droves of enemy fire.

Excellent in game controls make for fast and accurate movements of your fighter jet during game play. The fighter jet leaves behind blurry trails of its silhouette in the form of blue streaks that split across the sky. Some enemies, such as the attack helicopters will often pull into the screen in a single line, but then turn in circles around you firing at will, making for a real challenge.

The game has tons of power-ups, including a smart bomb that destroys everything on the screen when picked up by your fighter! Defeated enemies will drop medals which can also be used for upgrades and to increase your player score. The larger the medal, the bigger the reward! There's also repair kits that can be grabbed during battles to increase your fighter jet's health.

The beginning stages of this air assault game take place over a dessert plateau, where players quickly find themselves bombarded by enemy fire. The graphics really draw in your attention as realistic helicopter gunners approach the screen in a single line, with fast spinning blades, and aggressive maneuvering designed to throw you off balance and into the hands of the enemy forces.

Game Controls:
Directional Movements = WASD or Arrow Keys
Fire Primary Weapon = Left Mouse or X or K
Fire Missiles = Z or Space

Mechanical Commando 2 start screen with explosion